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  • Leading Pay TV channels distribution.

  • Home to favourite television destinations.

  • Original content in sports, news, and entertainment.

United Media channels offer endless options to viewers when it comes to choosing their entertainment and how and where to get it.

With compelling
content we reach
every audience.

The channel portfolio includes the brands Sport Klub, SK Golf, N1, Grand, IDJ TV, Fight Channel, Cinemania, Ultra, Mini Ultra, Lov i ribolov, Orlando and Bambino.
United Media channel offer is available for cable, DTH, OTT and IPTV distribution.
In addition to this, we also offer a unique advertising service with the selling of advertising slots and precise targeting in accordance with the target group of the selected channels.

U svom nastojanju da održi visoko postavljene i dostignute standarde u proizvodnji i emitovanju televizijskih programa United Media raspisuje tender za scenario igrane TV serije.

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